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The 2018 CPE and USDAA trials have been updated. Please visit the Events page for more information.

The Weather Hotline

The Weather Hotline is 610-692-5518. There is an automated message to let you know if classes are canceled or not due to weather. Please do not attempt to call Mary Lou at this number. Class cancellations will be posted before 2 PM each day.

Winter Parking

Please refrain from parking under the sides of the building during the winter months. Ice and snow will slide off and damage your vehicle. Please be careful when entering and exiting through the side entrances.


Flexible Flyers Weather Hotline

Hotline (updated after 2:30pm): 610-692-5518

If the weather is extremely hot or questionable, please call the hotline to make sure your class is still scheduled.

Clover Dog Training Obedience Classes

Life is stressful enough without stressing over training your dog…we are “Best Friends 4 Dogs”

Clover Dog Training is going to be running a drop in class! You’ll work in the group at your own level. First one is Thurs., Aug. 30 at 7:15pm in Chadds Ford ….if interested please contact for more info. You must have graduated for the basic class.

1736 Creek Road
Chadds Ford Junction, PA

For more information, please call: Lisë 484-574-3004 or Michelle 610-358-1539


Mary Lou Hughes & Steel

My BC Steel who will not be two years old until August,. started in CPE agility level three this weekend.

Out of eight runs he had a first place and a third place in Standard, a first in GamblersJackpot (where standard course time was 48 sec.). He had 50 points in 31 seconds.

A first in Colors where standard course time was 37 sec he did it in 15.81, a first in Full House and a second in Jumpers standard where course time was 41 his was 34.29.

I always seemed to be at least 20 to 30 feet behind him. Thank goodness for the power steering of left and right commands.

All were with qualifying scores. This was under a great USDAA Masters judge. I am so very proud of him.

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