Sadni Shilling-DanielsSandi Shilling-Daniels

Sandi saw her first agility demonstration in 1990 and knew she was destined to get involved. She has been training and running her Pembroke Welsh Corgis in this sport since 1992. Her corgi, Katie, finished her Agility Dog Championship in 2008 and has been in the United States Dog Association Top Ten Master Standard for the years 2007, 2008 and 2009. Sandi also has a young Corgi named Jack who is working his way up the ladder in USDAA .

Sandi tries to stay current on the sport by taking private lessons with Mary Ellen Barry. Sandi also has attended seminars over the years with Mary Ellen Barry, Rachel Sanders, Linda Mecklenberg, Barb Demascio, Rosanne Demascio, Greg Derrett and Susan Garrett.

She believes dog agility is a sport for both dog and handler to enjoy and that everyone should be successful in it. She really loves turning a dog and its owner into a real working team.

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Sandy CostelloSandy Costello

Sandy has taught, competed in, and titled dogs in AKC obedience. But it was in 1988 that she found a new sport that was even more fun: dog agility. She became involved that year, and her first competition was in 1989. Since then, she has put numerous titles on her own dogs, which include a Terrier mix and three Tibetan Terriers, as well as a friends Corgi. He show career.  Presently, Sandy is working with a young Portuguese Water Dog and has put an Apprentice Water Dog title on her. Sandy has qualified and competed at USDAA Nationals, NADAC Nationals, and AKC National dogs’ titles include USDAA Master Agility Dog, NADAC Outstanding Elite titles, and AKC Master Agility Champion.  She has the first MACH Tibetan Terrier, and two of her Tibetans were ranked #1 for several years during their activls. Every year she attends camps and seminars to keep up with the current trends in teaching.  Among her agility teaching credits are the DTCCC “SPARKS” group for about 8 years, beginners classes at Berks Dog Training Club for five or six years and was one of a small group that started an AKC agility club, which became TailBlazers. Sandy has taught for them since their inception. Sandy instructs all levels of agility classes.

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Pat CochranPat Cochran

Pat has been involved with dogs for over 30 years, training both her own dogs as well as friend’s dogs, in basic obedience. She currently has three dogs that she adopted from a local all-breed rescue for which she volunteers. Her interest in agility began in 2004, when she began taking classes at Flexible Flyers to help her middle dog build confidence after a very rough start in life.  She has taken classes with both Sandy Costello and Sandi Shilling-Daniels. Pat has not only assisted with classes but has also served as a substitute instructor for Flexible Flyers in the past. She actively competes with Missy in agility in both USDAA and CPE trials. Together they have achieved numerous agility titles including the Accomplished Jumper Dog and Accomplished Snooker Dog titles. Pat believes that agility training promotes a strong bond between dog and owner as well as instilling confidence for both the dog and handler not only in agility but in all aspects of life.

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Mary Lou HughesMary Lou Hughes — Owner of Flexible Flyers

Mary Lou started her serious involvement in dogs by attending obedience school with her first German Shepherd Dog. She eventually earned several AKC obedience titles with this dog. After many years of breeding German Shepherds, learning about dog behavior and competing in obedience trials, she became an obedience instructor herself. She owned Canine Training School for over 30 years and taught at the Volhard’s Instructor Training Camps for several years.

Mary Lou became interested in dog agility after a seminar with Roy Hunter from England (where agility originated) and was one of five folks who started Flexible Flyers Agility Group around 1990. Her background also included working with and teaching police canine officers. She has owned many dogs trained in this venue.

In agility, she has competed and titled her Border Collie (Bute). Bute also has his BH in schutzhund. Mary Lou’s German Shepherds have herding titles, USDAA, AKC and CPE agility titles and are currently training and competing in Schutzhund. One of her current dogs, Garth, has acquired his Schutzhund Three title. Terra has eared a Schutzhund One.

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2 thoughts on “Instructors

  1. I am interested in bringing my two year old australian shepard and seeing if this is something we would like to do. She needs a job.

    Sue Lindborg

    Posted by Sue | September 24, 2020, 3:03 pm
  2. I have forwarded your request to Mary Lou Hughes who can help to get you into a class. Also, her direct email is Mary Lou Hughes .

    Posted by cliffand | September 29, 2020, 3:52 pm

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