Class Rules and Regulations
  1. All dogs must be kept on lead, tied, or crated when not working.
  2. People and dogs should not approach any tied dog.
  3. Children must be under direct supervision at all times.
  4. You must pick up after your dog in all areas indoor and outdoor. You will need to have plastic bags, paper towels, and a cleaning liquid for indoors. After picking up, deposit this in the dumpster out back (not in the indoor trash can or the porta potties).
  5. If your dog relieves itself on any equipment, report it immediately to an instructor, then clean it up.
  6. We reserve the right to excuse from class at any time without giving a refund:
    1. Any dog showing aggressive behavior towards dogs or people.
    2. Any person or dog whose attitude, behavior, or physical condition the instructor deems unacceptable.
  7. All participants must sign a release form prior to the start of training.
  8. No smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed on the property.
  9. Report any situation in need of attention to your instructor.
  10. Dogs must be worked on a properly fitted buckle collar and leash unless your instructor states otherwise.
  11. Participants must follow the directions of their instructor, and have supervision on all obstacles until told otherwise.
  12. Equipment is expensive, do not climb on or abuse it.
  13. Participants are expected to assist in setting up and moving the equipment when necessary (before, during, and after class.)
  14. If weather is in question, call 610.692.5518.
  15. Participants are required to sign-in each night.
  16. Pre-starters and above who are members will be required to help at our trials and/or repair, clean and paint equipment when necessary (see membership page).
  17. Never bring a sick or injured dog to class! Discuss any illness/ailment with your instructor.


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