Trial Volunteer Roles

Course Builder

  • Place obstacles for each course according to judge’s diagram
  • Ensure weave poles and tunnels are secured, table, teeter, dog walk, and A-frame at correct heights
  • Move obstacles if/as required after judge measures course
  • Set bars at correct height for first dog after walk through

Leash Runner

  • Pick up the leash and collar from the start line and take it to the finish line after the dog starts the run.
  • Do not step into the dog’s line of sight.
  • If the dog leaves the ring before the finish line, make sure the handler gets the leash.

Gate Steward

  • Check in all dogs during and after walk through.
  • Resolve conflicts in run order.
  • Ensure next dogs are “on the line”, “on deck”, and “in the hole”
  • Announce next 3-5 dogs to run: keep class moving.
  • Announce “last dog at this height” so ring crew can change heights.

Ring Crew

  • Reset jump bars, straighten chute, weave poles and tunnels.
  • Change jump heights after gate steward announces “last dog at this height”.
  • Check with judge to see if bars should be reset or left down if the jump is taken twice in the course.
  • Position your chair so the dog does not see you when taking obstacles; do not move when the dog can see you.


  • Ensure the dog on the line matches the scribe sheet.
  • Record faults as the judge signals them; watch the judge, not the dog: closed fist – R – refusal (5), one open hand – S – standard fault (5), two open hands – F – major fault (20), whistle – E – elimination (no score).
  • Record time from timer at end of run.


  • Tally faults on scribe sheets.
  • Transcribe scores onto score sheet.
  • Determine qualifying runs.
  • Post score sheets.

Score Runner

  • Take scribe sheet from Scribe and deliver it to Scorekeeper.
  • Let Scorekeeper know “last dog in class” or “last dog at this height”.
  • Run sheets after every 2-4 dogs.


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