Membership Info

Becoming a member of Flexible Flyers Agility, LLC.

If you attend and complete the first four classes (Pre-agility, Beginners 1, Beginners 2, Beginners 3) there is no cost for membership.

We have two types of memberships, Working and Non-Working.

Working Members

  • Must help with at least two full days or a combination of half days equaling two full days at one of our CPE trials. Worker tickets can be used to offset training fees ($20 per 8-week session).
  • Training fees per 8-week session = $168.00 (21.00 per class)
    Members training in four or more 8-week classes = $160.00 (20.00 per class)

Non-Working Members

  • Are not required to help at our trials (but worker tickets can be earned and applied the same as Working Members, see above).
  • Training fees per 8-week session = $232.00 (29.00 per class)

For new handlers or members who let their membership lapse, a payment of $45.00 is due with your membership form. As long as membership is kept current there is no further cost.

Membership Requirements

  • You attend class on a regular basis, at least 15 training classes in each six month period (January–June, July–December).
  • You help at Flexible Flyers trials. We have eight CPE trials a year.
  • ALL Flexi students will be expected to help with the moving of equipment out of the building and back in again usually once or twice a year.

If this is not possible for a legitimate reason, we ask that you make it up with helping out with something else the club may need, i.e., painting/cleaning equipment (contact Mary Lou for alternatives).

Non-Members or “Drop-Ins”

You are welcome to attend classes except the first four beginner levels — with the trainer’s permission — at a cost of $35 per class per dog. Current rabies certificate(s) must be provided and you must sign a liability waiver.

Membership Application

All members must submit a copy of their dog’s current Rabies vaccination certificates as soon as they are updated.


4 thoughts on “Membership Info

  1. Is there a phone number so I can ask a few questions?

    Posted by Tom Potts | September 1, 2020, 2:06 pm
  2. Hi. I am Cliff Anderson, one of the instructors at Flexible Flyers Dog Agility. Please feel free to call me at +1-917-825-5693. I can answer you questions about Agility and the various classes. Thanks!

    Posted by flexibleflyersagility | September 1, 2020, 3:36 pm
  3. Are there age requirements to beginning training?
    I am looking to try agility training for my PWD, I feel that he would really enjoy this. Can I call someone to learn more?

    Posted by Cindy | January 4, 2023, 2:57 am
  4. You can contact Mary Lou at

    Posted by agilepem | March 16, 2023, 11:19 pm

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